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City or country living, J-Mar Builders & Remodelers can customize your project to fit any rural or urban environment. Our thoughtful approach to simplified living spaces brings function and inspiration to each project. We promote a collaborative work environment in which homeowners, architects and designers all become active participants of the design-construction team.
Our extensive experience includes period home restoration, commercial renovation, as well as new construction. We will work with architects and designers already selected by you, or we can create a team of professionals to help realize your dream. Browse the above services or contact us to begin the conversation.

Services We Offer

Remodeling and Restoration

Since 1995, J-Mar Builders & Remodelers have fulfilled the remodeling needs of midwestern homes and businesses. Our skilled team is known for working seamlessly with architects and design professionals. We specialize in minimizing the problems associated with remodeling projects and have extensive knowledge of building rules and regulations in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our craftspeople stand behind every aspect of the remodeling experience and strive to provide your complete satisfaction.

New construction and Additions

If you are planning a custom home we bring an outstanding combination of artisanship, experience and environmental sensibility to each project. Our goal is to build a beautiful, affordable and long-lasting home that reflects your unique style.

We have long-term relationships with a variety of technical experts—architects, designers, specialty contractors and skilled craftspeople. The result is a simplified, well-managed project that is completed on time and on budget.

We offer in-home consultations that will answer many of your questions. During the initial meeting we’ll talk about your vision, budget and timeline. We can also provide information on green building that conserves natural resources, increases energy efficiency and improves indoor air quality.

If you are planning a building project or would like to know more about our company, contact us to request a brochure or to set up a consultation to discuss your project.

Architects and Designers

If you’re a homeowner considering a renovation or are planning to build a custom home we can provide guidance on how to select and work with architects and designers. Check out a few of our accomplished work partners:


Tod Drescher Architecture

Drescher Architecture

Philip J. Lund Design & Construction, Inc.

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