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Connecting Building & Design

Good design is a collaborative effort between the client, builder and designer. The right designer or architect will create a space that combines beauty and functionality. Working together, we’ll decide the best way to design and build your home or remodeling project.

The design, principles of building science, materials selection and incorporation of green building practices are all interconnected. And, the majority of costs are locked in before construction begins. Retaining a builder at the start of your project will ensure an integrated approach that pays off.

Sustainable Wisdom

Sustainable design and development is integral to green building. A green-built home utilizes less energy and water, and improves air quality. At J-Mar Builders we believe in incorporating building elements that work in harmony with the environment.

Our Homes and businesses are the major source of demand for energy. These buildings produce by-product greenhouse gas emissions. Changing the way we design, build and remodel can make a significant difference in the global warming crisis.

Effective design can reduce energy consumption by 50 to 80 percent. There are many approaches to reducing environmental impact and improving your quality of life. We recommend discussing energy-efficient strategies with your architect, designer and builder.

Rethinking the Conventional: Building Science

Simply put, building science optimizes a buildings performance. Using the principles of building science we take an integrated approach that corrects problems in existing structures and prevents them in new ones. The result is a more comfortable, long-lasting and cost-efficient home.