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Guiding Principles

J-Mar Builders & Remodelers is a team of skilled building artisans and craftspeople. Founders Don Martin and Jim Marty are committed to education; best building practices and are experts in finding creative solutions to challenging projects.

Since 1995, we’ve been building homes with passion, skill and dedication to the principle that a home is an integrated and interdependent system. We believe that creating environmentally responsible structures will serve both people and nature. The choices we make today will impact how we live tomorrow.

We collaborate with architects, designers and specialty contractors, and we’d love to work with you. Please contact us to begin the conversation.

In the News

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The Builder’s Journal™
Northwest Wisconsin Edition
“When you’re looking for a builder who is concerned with energy efficiency and green building, a builder who believes that honesty is the best policy, then J-Mar Builders may just be the company for you. “We look at the clients needs and try to match them with the right architect or designer,” comments Jim Marty. “I really have a desire to make the homes we build fit the people we’re building them for, so I listen to their needs. We really key in to what the clients want.”

“When the EPA came out with the Energy Star program, J-Mar Builders were the first in the area to build an Energy Star home. The Wisconsin ENERGY STAR® Homes Program has guidelines which incorporate building science principles regarding airflow, indoor air quality, energy efficiency and prevention of moisture problems.”

“Today, J-Mar continues to be concerned with energy efficiency, but they go a step further with their recent participation in the Green Built Home™ Program. Smart framing, sustainability, durability, resource efficiency and site design are some of the additional factors they take into consideration.”

Professional Associations

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What Folks Are Saying About Us

- Carrie Maloney, new home construction

“J-Mar was always good-natured while we stretched them to achieve the details we wanted. Our previous experience involved builders than made decisions without consulting us. J-Mar worked collaboratively, gave us options and left the final decisions to us. They were constantly coming up with interesting solutions to physical problems and were always fair and conscientious about our budget.”

- Danna Surface, kitchen remodel

“We could not be more thrilled with our remodeling project. The workmanship and professionalism of the J-Mar team was exceptional. Everything we hoped for was accomplished.”

- Bob, kitchen, living and dining room remodel

“We are thrilled with the remodeling work performed by J-Mar Builders. Their commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and customer service exceeded our expectations. They are an outstanding company to work with and we recommend them to anyone considering a building or remodeling project.”

- Philip Lund, Architect & Designer

“J-Mar has contributed to the success of a number of my projects. My residential jobs require an attention to detail and level of professionalism that J-Mar is well suited for. One project, which included two separate additions to a Tudor revival home, required a high-level of technical understanding. These structures were designed to last for one hundred years. The staff at J-Mar provided the needed level of expertise by working closely to refine details, select materials and approve assemblies. I recommend J-Mar to anyone who cares about the construction process, appreciates quality work and desires professional service.”

- Ed Hawksford, Designer

“I’ve collaborated with J-Mar Builders over the past 10 years and we’ve formed a terrific working relationship. Don and Jim are two of the best in the business. One of the things I admire is the ease in which they work with my clients. With each project they take care to ensure my vision and that of my client is realized. The work looks wonderful, the quality is high and J-Mar factors green building techniques into their projects. It’s a bonus!”

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